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A Humble Beginning

The story of Sun Valley Smoked Trout and Salmon begins over 25 years ago when the original owner of a Sun Valley Smoked Trout and Salmon came to the Sun Valley area with a dream and a passion for food. He tried opening a restaurant, which he ultimately had to close; when it was all said and done the only thing he had left over was a smoker about the size of a refrigerator. 

Ever the optimist, he decided to try smoking fish in his backyard and selling it to local grocery stores. Over the course of 25 years, he grew the business while continuing to experiment with new brines and seasonings until he perfected the art of making what many consider to be the best smoked fish sold in the United States. Sun Valley Smoked Salmon and Trout produces a smoked product that retains the natural moistness of the fish while adding the irresistible natural smoked flavor that smoked fish connoisseurs love. We continue the tradition started by the original owner of making the most delicious smoked fish and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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