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We love Sun Valley smoked salmon! I recently hosted a luncheon and served it in a cream cheese spread on bagels.  Huge hit!

-Fallon Simmons
 Salt Lake City, UT

“I have had the opportunity to try each of these Salmon and Trout products.  I am generally a fish lover, especially smoked fish.  I found each of the recipes to be unique and very tasty.  I was impressed how moist they were, which I really like. I would recommend these products to any and all that like high quality, tasty products.  Good work, these products are a winner!”

 North Salt Lake Utah

Delightful, delectable, delicious. This smoked fish is amazing!  No wonder our family is ADDICTED to it. Thank you Sun Valley Smoked Trout for making the world of fish a better place.

 Denver, CO

“I will only purchase smoked salmon and trout from Two Rivers Smoked Fish. In my opinion, no other brand compares to the quality of this one.”

 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Sun valley smoked salmon is delicious! It makes the perfect appetizer- simple yet elegant."

 Sacramento, CA

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